All my fears…

(smallest and most useless of all my writings… really not for you to read)


All my fears, Writing them on thin papers.

Guilt and mistakes and confessions.

Throwing them in water so the ink melts.

Tearing them so small that no two letters end up on the same piece.


Fear to be seen.

Or may be too much courage.

For today I don’t have the courage to write to tear and melt and throw away.

I don’t have courage to talk to myself.

And I have no courage to think to myself.

They look at me from inside.

All my fears.


2 responses to “All my fears…

  1. Like a face that you hold inside?
    A face that awakes when you close your eyes
    A face that watches every time you lie
    A face that laughs every time you fall

    like a paranoid looking over your back
    like a whirlwind inside of your head..

    ~Not Mine

    • Yeah… it sure is the one that watches every time you lie… throws foul smiles at all that you fake… one that keeps running like a drilling machine inside your damn head… ah with a grrrrr sound 🙂

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