Let’s play a game…

Let’s play this game… Oh let’s play this game too…


You decide the rules, you just say it and I’ll play. For I once promised I’ll play along… against you and yet by your side and for that’s all I wanna do. For you are all the smiles and you are all the wins… for you are all the tears and all the defeats too. For it’s just you and me. Let’s play this game together.


Let’s have you play foul left n’ right n’ center and I’ll still play. Let’s play it your way… Let’s have you winning all the time… and I’ll still play. Let’s have you defeat me times and again… oh let’s have you defeat me without a match and I’ll still play. Let me surrender… times and again… and yet again I’ll play.


I’ll play along. I’ll play how you like. You want me to stand by your side… I’ll do. You want me to cheer you winning over me.. I’ll do. You want me to be you… ah I will. You want there be no two sides and still your side to win… I’ll make that happen. Crazy wishes aren’t they… for you I’ll make them true.


Come… let’s play this game too…


3 responses to “Let’s play a game…

  1. No more games,
    I am out of the cage.
    If you want to,
    Call it my rage
    I played along for long
    Hell, I am way past that stage

    No, no more games
    Give me myself back again
    Play alone, or take the world with you
    Without me, victory-less you will always remain

    • Ah too good… yours? not yours?

      But anyhow… no matter how much I like the poem… I cant accord with it… cant connect… cant play it in my head.. not right now… so not ..

      but that doesn’t stop me from liking the poem.. does it? or the word victory-less… that’s got a wonderful ring to it.. isn’t it!

      • Okay then- perhaps I got it wrong. Or did I ?

        All through the post I felt an urge to break free. Somewhere, not very far from your comfort zone, you are stapled tight. And you want to fly, crushing the shackles. It’s like you have been denied the right to win, which is rightfully yours.

        Wrong again? Answer at your own risk, I just might try again 😛

        PS – The poem is not entirely mine. Line ‘Give me myself back again’ is from Don’t Stay – Linkin Park.

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